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April 14 Drive in lieu of general meeting.

  • 14 Apr 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Dalhousie Canadian Tire - 5404 Dalton Dr, Calgary, AB T3A 2C3

Registration is closed

Folks, we are having a drive on April 14th in lieu of our General Meeting. Please RSVP 

  1. Meet at Dalhousie Canadian Tire at 19:00.
  2. Drive west on Crowchild/1A to Glendale Road
  3. Take Glendale road NE to Hwy 766(Lockend Rd).
  4. Go North on Lockend Rd to Hwy 567
  5. Go east on 567 to Berspaw Rd
  6. Turn south on Bearspaw Rd go to Hwy 1A
  7. Cross Hwy 1A and go west on service Rd to Centex/Tim Hortons.
  8. Stop for Coffee and chat, trip formally ends.
  9. Return home by best route.

Social distancing Recommendations:

  1. Arrange to meet in large parking lots
  2. When arriving and parking maintain at least one parking spot distance between you and the next car.
  3. Wearing masks is an option while meeting at the parking lot.
  4. On Arrival greet with wave and hello, but stay close to your car and talk from distance keeping the empty spot between you and the next person should keep a safe minimum distance as parking spots are usually 8’ wide.
  5. Establish the lead driver and tail driver, prepare to leave and enjoy the outing.

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