European Classic Car Meet

Rules of the Field:

The entrance to the field is via Park Ave SW on the west side of the Park

Trailers may only be parked to the North of the Entrance Gate inside the park and not on show ground (Trailer for Sponsors are allowed on the display field)

If you have not previously registered, you must pay at the gate before entering the park

Up on arrival, you will be directed to the Photography area and then to a place on the field according to your vehicle class

Don’t forget to pick up a drip mat from one of the Marshals as you enter the park. If you car should “dribble” from more than one spot, please bring extra sheet to avoid leaving marks on the grass.

No Spikes are to be used to tie down any tents. There are underground sprinkler lines

Vehicles must be on the grounds by 10 am and may not be removed before 4pm or engines started before 4:00PM

Vehicles displayed must be registered in the participant’s name and not in the name of a business

Vehicles must move slowly and carefully while on the grounds. Please leave in and orderly fashion.

No for sale signs on any display cars.

You may also place a FREE classified ad at by emailing the WebMaster

Signs with additional information’s about participant’s vehicles must be of high Quality

We can not supply any power

Enjoy the day

Last updated Mar 14, 2017
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