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Registration Fee for each vehicle is $20.00.
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Rev-Up Party 2019 $40.00 per person (subsidized by VSCCC)
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Ground Rules: No “For Sale” signs or other unauthorized commercial literature visible in or on display vehicles.

I agree to insure my vehicle & property against loss, damage and liability. I agree to assume the risk of any & all damages or injury to my vehicle & to indemnify and hold harmless the officers, directors or agents of the Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary, 2019 European Classic Car Meet for any acts of omission, which may result in the theft, damage or destruction of property or injury to me and/or others, occurring as a consequence of my participation in the 2019 European Classic Car Meet. I agree to display my vehicle on the Field, parked in gear & with the handbrake on, until the conclusion of the show @ 4:00pm. By entering my car in the 2019 European Classic Car Meet, I agree to this release of all liability. I/We have read the above Release, and I/we agree with and accept it.
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